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About Me - The Founder of Business Cipher

Founder of Business Cipher

Hello readers and knowledge seekers, I’m Mortuza Reza, the founder and lead researcher of Business Cipher. Holding a master’s degree in International Economic Relations and International Business, my current professional role is in marketing. However, my dedication to continual learning and exploration of business ventures, investment spaces, and global economies remains steadfast.

With a background in business and economics, I bring a wealth of academic knowledge and practical experience as an entrepreneur to the table. My track record includes successful ventures and proven research and investment in crypto, web3, the public market, and broader investment domains.

Business Cipher is my platform to share insights and expertise with a wider audience interested in business trends. On our blog, expect a mix of academic knowledge, entrepreneurial experiences, and analyses of the digital economic world. Join me in decoding the complexities of business and staying informed in this ever-evolving landscape. Welcome to Business Cipher.

Business Cipher